Crystal FAQ

CRYSTAL FAQs - The best crystal combines flawless perfection with lead content. It has clear, smooth surfaces, with a brilliant, fiery display. There are no clouds, chips, scratches, inclusions, frostiness or milkiness. At the Pecaso Group, we have maintained excellence in the selection of crystal grades. We build value into every lighting fixture.

Pecaso chandeliers can be made using the following grades of crystal.

(1) STRASS® Swarovski® - Swarovski STRASS® crystal is considered to be the finest quality, full-lead crystal made today. It is made in Austria, using a precision cutting and polishing process invented in 1892 by Daniel Swarovski. STRASS® crystals contain a minimum of 32% lead content, making the crystal optically very pure. STRASS® crystal is so pure that it exceeds all industry standards, more translucent than air or water, STRASS® crystal is flawless. STRASS® crystal gains its purity from possessing lead oxide in excess of thirty percent. Manufactured in the Austrian Alps, using age-old trade secrets, each facet is perfectly cut and polished by machine to maintain optical purity and consistency. An invisible coating is added at the end of the process, this finish makes a STRASS® crystal so smooth that water or dust rarely collect on its surface. Chandeliers that have been entirely adorned with STRASS® crystal carry the STRASS® certificate as a mark of fine quality and Each piece can be identified by the STRASS® signature as a guarantee of authenticity.

(2) SPECTRA® Swarovski® - Swarovski SPECTRA® uses innovative technology to produce a lead-free crystal with a different cut pattern from Swarovski STRASS®. It’s light refraction capability is excellent. This new breed of crystal offers maximum optical quality and brilliance at a reasonable price. Chandeliers that have been entirely adorned with Swarovski SPECTRA® crystal carry the SPECTRA® certificate as a mark of fine quality. A Swarovski technician’s strict production demands are applied to this lead free, very high quality crystal.

(3) HEIRLOOM GRANDCUT™ - Surpassing industry standards, our GRANDCUT™ quality crystal offers tremendous value and supreme optimal cut. GRANDCUT™ crystal is a high quality, machine cut, full-lead crystal or Lead Free crystal, that is high above industry standards. It possesses sharp faceting polished to a visual brilliance.

(4) HEIRLOOM HANDCUT™ - This is a very good quality crystal that is faceted by hand by artisans with over 5 to 10 years of apprenticeship, learning authentic techniques. The crystal is cut by hand in two stages: first on an iron and then on a sandstone wheel. Then the crystal is polished on a wood wheel with marble dust. The final product retains traces of the wooden wheel, attesting to the pain staking labour. It offers good light refraction and is an excellent value.

(5) OPTIC QUALITY HEIRLOOM HANDCUT™ - This is a unique style of fine quality Turkish crystal. It is handcut and polished and has no lead content. Light refraction is very good.

(6) BOHEMIAN HANDCUT™ - Used exclusively in our French Pendaloques, this crystal, first used in 1724, gives an authentic “distressed-look” to these wonderful period pieces.

(7) THE VENETIAN COLLECTION ™- Murano, Italy has been the glass capital of the world for centuries. Using time-honored techniques, skilled Italian artisans produce a traditional molded crystal with fire polished edges for classic chandelier styles, with a charming effect.